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The 2014 World Cup Host Cities - Part One

(By Tiago Viana Batista)
Brazil will host the FIFA World Cup for the second time after 1950. Twelve cities were chosen to host the World Cup , each being the capital of your state. A budget of 1 billion dollars was allocated to repair and build new stadiums. More than being the country of soccer, with five World Cup titles , Brazil is also the perfect country for a " dream vacation ".

Rio de Janeiro - Maracanã

Rio de Janeiro, the 2nd largest city of Brazil, is the capital of the State of Rio de Janeiro. Known for its beautiful waters ( Copacabana ), museums and historic neighborhoods, Rio is nicknamed "Marvelous City ". Their stadium, the Maracana was built for the 1950 World Cup and hosted the World Cup 1950 Final. A mystical place, Maracana will host the final of the World Cup 2014 on 13 July.

São Paulo - Arena Corinthians

São Paulo is the largest city in Brazil, and is the seventh largest city in the world. Capital of the State of São Paulo, the city is known for its arts and entertainment industries, and has a strong economic influence in South America. Arena Corinthians, also known as Arena de Sao Paulo or Itaquerão , is under construction and will replace the Stadium Pacaembu. He will host the match of the World Cup 2014 opening , on June 12 .

Brasilia - National Mane Garrincha Stadium

Brasilia is the capital of Brazil. The city was built in just 41 months, from 1956 to 1960 and became the capital of Brazil on April 22, 1960 - until then, Rio was the capital of Brazil. The Esplanade of the Ministries, the National Congress, and the Alvorada Palace are the tourist attractions of the citie. The National Mane Garrincha Stadium, built in 1974, was named as tribute to the Brazilian soccer player and legend Garrincha.

Belo Horizonte - Mineirão

Belo Horizonte is the capital of the state of Minas Gerais . Also known as the capital of the historic cities, Belo Horizonte was settled in the early 18th century and is surrounded by mountains. The architecture is a blend of contemporary and classical buildings. Their stadium was built in 1965 and will host four matches and one semi -final.

Salvador - Arena Fonte Nova

The state capital of Bahia, Salvador is the first capital of colonial Brazil. Nicknamed capital of happiness in Brazil, due to its numerous popular outdoor parties , including its street carnival , the city is known for its cuisine, music and architecture. Salvador has a historic center called Pelourinho, which is famous for its Portuguese colonial architecture with monuments of the 17th century, and was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The stadium in Salvador, Arena Fonte Nova, was built for the World Cup 2014 in place of the older Fonte Nova Stadium. It will host four matches of the group stage, round of 16 and a four -finals. will tell you everythig about the World Cup Host! Enter our website and feel like you're in the World Cup Country!

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